This is a “show flat” of a two apartment project which is located in Istanbul. There was a short period of time to create a design and our client wanted us to achieve a fresh look which avoids the traditional elements of Turkish houses. Therefore, rather than a classical and crowded spaces, we choose to give a modern look to the flat with little touches that sort of a mixture of minimal and loft design ideas.

The project was for one of our regular costumers. They are a big private construction firm that builds different types of buildings but mostly collective housing. Their goal was to create a modern residential project to offer their own clients.

Starting point was the sample works which our clients researched and liked. Afterwards we did our own research for a while, gather some nice design ideas according these samples and with a help of our experiment of years, we created the main lines of the design.

We got really positive reactions, not only from our clients but everyone who saw the project. I can easily say that analyzing what our customer needs and wants was the key point for this project, the rest has came into existence by itself…

  • Interior Designer: ERAY POLAT
  • Exterior Design: Elips Design Architecture

Posted by Eray Polat

Master Interior Architect, designer and 3D Artist.

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