El Callejón is a coffee shop with only 47 sq m and place for 14 to 20 people. It is located on the base of a refurbished building in the historic center of Mexico City, a small business that characterizes the whole complex and is hard to miss.

It is a space designed to have an encounter with the context, in the morning it is the ideal place for enjoying the neighborhood life and in the afternoon it transforms into a shop window that illuminates the street revitalized by the frequent clients that attend it.

It was designed with elements like wood, black wrought iron and glass. With a modest scale, yet very rigorous with the optimization of the elements like furniture, service areas and circulation, this place makes effective every resource to create a comfortable and serene ambiance, where all the components are in perfect balance.

El Callejón expects to be a particular model under which the language of the future commercial spaces comes from, the space to start the day and begin the tour through the city and all its palaces.

El Callejón Café is an excellent choice to visit.

  • Architect: Gerardo Boué – Boué Arquitectos
  • Photographer: Marcos Betanzos

Posted by Gerardo Boue

Boué Arquitectos is a real estate developer specialized in selected investment projects. Each of our projects is supported on excellent design, high quality construction, market knowledge and an advanced methodology to achieve —in addition to financial profitability— a positive effect on the urban environment where it is located. Our long and consistent trajectory in design and construction of: residential, commercial, touristic, urban revitalization and real estate development projects have given us a solid base to continue growing with quality and experience. Passion for creativity and innovation is what drives us, and has led us through a progressive learning process consolidated into concrete achievements. Confidence and capacity to act to generate results add up to our systematized and organized operation structure that has extensive experience and knowledge from the specialization in our field. Our team is very important and therefore, since our foundation in 1986 we have focused on constantly increasing our studies and training for our staff in order to consolidate an integral team.

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