The entrance to C57-4 building is through a lobby with restrained design highlighted with details in wood and forge welcoming the inhabitants and leading them towards the vertical circulations formed by lifts and service staircase. In the interior of each floor, all of the units structural level was reconditioned to generate wide corridors dominated by an inside patio —that works also as a meeting point and relaxing area— with a red brick carpet down the shade of a tree.

Each apartment uses a very specific material palette with neutral colors to promote a great visual field amplitude linked to a pure architecture with no staging resources that allows to appreciate the virtues of the original construction at the same time that facilitates a respectful intervention with the preexistence.

The project is crowned with a roof garden that has been created as a common area for all the inhabitants. This natured rooftop, with views to historical buildings, was set up in two different levels resulted from the original architecture.

The exterior lighting plays a main role not only for the building, but for its corner location, from where it is possible to observe how the building has a new value and is being lived through its balconies, windows and structural elements that brighten the street giving security to the pedestrians and transforming a discrete building in a paradigm for all the streets in this area of the city.

  • Architect: Gerardo Boué – Boué Arquitectos
  • Photographer: Marcos Betanzos

Posted by Gerardo Boue

Boué Arquitectos is a real estate developer specialized in selected investment projects. Each of our projects is supported on excellent design, high quality construction, market knowledge and an advanced methodology to achieve —in addition to financial profitability— a positive effect on the urban environment where it is located. Our long and consistent trajectory in design and construction of: residential, commercial, touristic, urban revitalization and real estate development projects have given us a solid base to continue growing with quality and experience. Passion for creativity and innovation is what drives us, and has led us through a progressive learning process consolidated into concrete achievements. Confidence and capacity to act to generate results add up to our systematized and organized operation structure that has extensive experience and knowledge from the specialization in our field. Our team is very important and therefore, since our foundation in 1986 we have focused on constantly increasing our studies and training for our staff in order to consolidate an integral team.

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