Women usually gather in a place where they can talk, discuss things with their friends and family, or spend some quality time.
This is the reason of this concept where the women Majlis came up. this Majlis is designed with patterned rugs, paintings, calligraphy, stunning furniture, lavish mirrors and much more. The color scheming is usually rich and golden with attractive curtains and extraordinary decor.

Using furniture of bright colors will make your Majlis brighter and more relaxing to the guests, and you can combine the colors in the pillows to make the Majlis look unified.

Combining white and black in flooring will add luxury and sophistication but these colors are cool colors, so mix them with a third color such as forest green or any other warm color to add warmth and joy .

first the client tell me she need something dark and deep….then I decide to mix the western classic,modern and contemporary styles to meet the elegance of the Arabian culture.really I enjoyed my time designing that amazing Majlis, and Im so happy that client is very satisfied .

She just say: ” Can’t find word to describe how admire I’m”….and yes I’ve learned from this project that Although I have the daring to go out of the ordinary but I have to respect what makes the user feel safe in his environment.

  • Interior Designer: Hebatallah Awad

Posted by heba awad

Heba Awad eats,sleeps and breaths the world of architecture & interior designs.When it comes to designing a home or office or school ,Heba is strategic artist -marrying her ample knowledge of design wit hall over a fourteen years of experience in the world of architectural &interior designing and remodel consulting. Architecture is Heba's passion .It's truly what makes her tick.Which is why she'll be there every step of the way for you-from scribbles to final blueprints-with an unrivaled enthusiasm to make your dream appear before your eyes.

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