Some black in a traditional space can introduce a younger, more modern point of view ♠♠♠
Check my last work for this Modern Restaurant
The owner view is to create a restaurant with a elegant style
Let me know if you like it
To see more of my work go to my behance account

These project was create for a client who want to create a place with elegant style
His goal was to made anyone who enter the restaurant to feel that he is in a privileged place
So i tried to make his view came true

I think no other color conveys as many contradictions as the color black, and that’s probably why it’s arguably the most loved color in fashion so i suggested to use this color to create something unique
I’ve seen so many projects on pinterest , behance and many other websites and finally i choose all the furniture color that suits
the black color

I show the design to some friends and they told me ” WooooW it’s beautiful ” and “It’s an incredibly romantic and beautiful place” …etc
and some of my teachers assistants in college saw it and they were very proud to see one of their student create something good like that 😀

  • Architect: Mahmoud Shosha
  • :

Posted by Mahmoud Shosha

Hello My name is Mahmoud Shosha , I was graduated from Mansoura , Egypt College Academy MC I always excited to learn something new especially in architecture , urban design and landscape architecture. I have easy going nature that makes me work well with others also strong communication skills that is required in order to communicate interactively with client

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