This is my design proposal for a french bakery located in San Miguel, El Salvador. My goal was to create a casual environment for costumers to relax and enjoy. I tried to create a clean, well lit space by taking advantage of the natural light coming in through the windows and complementing with decorative accent lamps. The furniture is costum designed, with local materials and artisanal manufacture in mind; most of the furniture is also modular, the planters have casts so they can be turned 90 degrees and the benches can be rearranged to create a completely different layout. TVs were required by the client, so I tried to include them in the least clashing way by incorporating them amongst an installation of vintage frames. I also like to use plants as decoration; I feel it’s important to bring a little bit of nature in, it makes the place feel fresh and luscious.

This proyect’s main purpose was to freshen up a famous bakery’s image. The Pastelería Francesa (French Bakery in spanish), is a long lasting business from San Miguel, with several venues, all of them equally outdated. What they wanted was for their bakery to have a new image which felt more related to the french feel their name transmits but their architecture lacked.

My main inspiration were typical parisian bistrós and patisseries. I wanted to transmit that casual feeling of walking down the street and stoping by the local bakery for coffee and desserts. The materials I chose were meant to make the space look clean and sophisticated, without seeming too pompous or giving an expensive vibe to the costumers. The wooden floors, the rustic brick walls and the decorative plants were intended to provide a more natural, low key feeling, whilst the golden accents transmit the idea of refined luxury in small dose. I chose light blue hues for the walls to create a cool feeling, contrasting San Miguel’s extremely hot weather. I used soft fabrics in pale colours and floral decorations to subtly convey a more feminine and delicate feel to the place, in honor of the strong and independent women who have been running the place for years.

I learned a lot from this proyect, specially how well people respond to details. Detail oriented designs help you create a connection with the client on a more personal level; it lets them know that you have been paying attention to their needs and taking them into consideration throughout the design process.

  • Interior Designer: Beatriz Alvarez

Posted by Beatriz Alvarez

I am a freelance architect from El Salvador, specialized in interior design. I love furniture design aswell, most of the furniture you will find in my projects are costum.


  1. Great color combination. There’s a local restaurant here with the teal and gold scheme except they have a hint of pink.


  2. Hello Beatriz, I really love your design ! I’m currently writing a visual novel and your design matches my vision of the bakery I imagined in it. I’m wondering if I can use your design in my novel ? If so, how do I credit your work ? Do I. Mention “designed by Beatriz Alvtez” or do you have a website or social media page you wish to credit ? Don’t worry, I won’t use your work without your consent, but I really hope to show my readers how talented you are !


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