Hello, I would like to present you a project of an apartment in Christmas style. In this project I want to create an atmosphere of lightness and magic in the coming new year. For this I use an interesting design toys and furniture. This apartment is perfect for a family , who in the first place is the space and comfort in motion.The atmosphere , for whom space and comfort in motion is in the first place, there are large windows for more space in the apartment ,it makes it possible for more light to come. To maintain the design I use pictures of the dancers who perfectly fit into the interior design.
I hope you enjoyed the project.

The Project “Happy New Year!!!” was done in my spare time and the customer was me, so it was a regular inspiration, and inspired thoughts about Christmas. You can say that I like this style, easy, relaxed, there is nothing more. It is the very vintage and loft that were connected in themselves.

The inspiration comes to me when I look at the work of other authors. In them I find something new and useful for my future work: new ideas, mixing styles and colors. For this work I looked through a lot of references dedicated to the Christmas mood and picked up the necessary and suitable ones.

I post my works on web sites dedicated to 3D visualization. And they receive constructive comments which I listen to. The latest project received a positive feedback from “Happy New Year!!!”. Of course it has enough flaws that, at this stage, were inevitable. But I hope that step by step, project by project there will be visible progress.

  • Interior Designer: Gulya Burnasheva

Posted by Gulya Burnasheva

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