The concept of the design is to have traditional Moorish elements along with modern trendy decor, in a harmonious, contemporary way.This cozy living room, is studied well to give you the feeling of simplicity, comfortable and purity, with abundant open space and natural light in mind, which makes it fresh and bright.

the costumer asked to have a unique living room, in an open plan villa, and he was satisfied with the result
I’ve always been affected by the Moorish Architecture, It was my inspiration for this design, So the challenge was in making a combination between both traditional and modern style. to create a distinguish living room , with a special sense.
I started to read more about this style, so I can improve some elements, to be used in the right place.
The process of designing took me a few weeks, because i was tending in every detail. After deciding the concept of it, and finishing the room’s design, I started to choose the right mood for representing my project.
That’s why the visualization process took an important part of it.

The design is characterized by carving arches, blend of furnishing styles, and contrast in colors and textures.
It’s obvious that all the elevations have symmetrical axis ,that create a beautiful, comfy sight.
We can notice the contrast in colors, between light and dark, although Blue, white, and gray, are basic colors used in Moorish style, They’ve been chosen to give the sense of purity and serenity.
Materials that are used in this living room, are walnut wood for ceiling and furniture, white painted gyps for ornaments, rough stone for the front facade, and Calactta gold marble with black and golden border for the floor…

People were amazed about the mixture in styles, and how they are harmonized together. I’ve heard lot of compliments about the project visualization, and I was really satisfy of the work .
Actually Studying the Moorish style gave me a good knowledge in this architecture, specially when i learned about the proportion of arches and columns, and the beautiful Moorish motifs.

  • Architect: Amr Alshrbaji

Posted by Amr Alshrbaji

I'm an architect, from Damascus, Syria. Art has always been my passion, so that what I planned to do. I graduated in 2014 from the faculty of Architecture in Damascus university...while studying, I worked on freelance projects, such as "interior and exterior design & 3D visualization". Then I've worked at ASPECT studio for three years, which gives me an excellent experience in the field of Interior design. After moving to Istanbul in 2015, I continue my work at ASPECT studio as a specialist in designing and rendering architectural projects. I'm now a freelancer working on architectural, interior design, and Graphics.

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