C. house is an home that embodies the pure raw materials, and a minimalist spirit. The space is made for live with the surroundings, thanks to the choice of materials and the design. The aim was to create a space as simple as possible but at the same time full of vibes, also thanks to the use of a few iconic design pieces combined to the ambient who surround them.

The goal was to create an home as simple as possible, but at the same time with a design who will stay current through the time.
The home has an open space living area and a master bedroom, and is designed for those who embrace the thought that “less is more”.

The inspiration who brings C.House to life comes from the idea that a home could be simple but interesting at the same time, so i used raw materials such as concrete, who was poured over wood, and metal combined with alder. A mix of cold and warm materials, which form long shelves that vibrate inside the house.

The people said that the ambient gives a good feel of calm, thanks to the light who provide a nice atmosphere, and valorize the simple furniture and the home itself. I learnt that attention to the details, materials and lights are the keys to create a project that reflects ourselves.

Posted by Luca Mariani

I'm an interior designer and a musician living in Lecco, Italy. I love 3D visualization and simple spaces. I think that every home have a soul, and my aim is enhance it.

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