In contrast to the hotels developed in Cancún, designed to satisfy the growing demand of visitors to this Caribbean jewel, Hotel Sexto Sentido is a Love Hotel designed by DIN interiorismo´s team thinking on the city inhabitants. The focus on the target allowed to shape a concept that was not related to the sea, a challenge enjoyed by this group of creatives.

The selected theme were the emotions which were then refined to those related with the best of sexual intercourse. Joy: the pleasure feeling for a delightful event. Euphoria: the sense of optimism and wellbeing produced by satisfaction. Lust: taking its vibrant side, the disordered and untamed sexual desire. And Ecstasy could not miss: the maximum state of plenitude.

Once with the refined emotions they were related to a color that in combination with all the elements of each room defined a graphic language that generates four different ambiances. For joy it was yellow, for euphoria orange for lust red and for ecstasy purple, a dynamic selection filled with energy.

The design of the rooms was supported with graphics inspired in the work of artist Barbara Kruger, that were balanced with white walls to reach the correct percentages of elements, graphics and color, in harmony with the main elements of the room. The bed was placed at 30° defining the starting point for the distribution of the space. Behind the headboard an angled Foreplaydome was designed and the shower is surrounded by glass framing the view towards the room.

  • Interior Designer: Aurelio Vázquez – DIN interiorismo
  • Photographer: Arturo Chávez

Posted by Aurelio Vazquez

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