The concept of the project was to create a place where the members of a family were able to gather and have a relaxing time after work and school.

This project was designed on a limit budget but it wasn´t a problem to develop and interesting resolve.

The task of this project was to remodel a home. We develop a bohemian concept to reuse furniture and only make some materials changes, all of this to be able to respect the initial budget of the project. The design of the 3d model was necessary for the client to visualize the final result before approving the project.

I based it on a calm color palette and using natural materials because the client requested a bright and cozy space.
I used black textures because It was important to create little accents that unified one space to another. For the remodeling of this space, an existing window was completely opened to create a terrace and have a more open and externally related space. To create a cozy space a small bookcase and a wooden wall with family portraits were designed for the TV room.

Although the space was small, the design managed to create harmony between different materials, textures, and colors. The family liked the result of this project because we were able to create a fresh, homely and relaxing environment. The lighting design is very important, with Enscape it is possible to achieve good effects in the 3d model.

  • Interior Designer: Joana Tapia


My name is Joana Tapia, I’m an architect and interior designer based in Mexico City. I seek to develop as a 3d designer visualizer. I work with SketchUp, Enscape, and photoshop.

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