These pictures I made in the 3d max, corona renderer, photoshop, marvelous designer. All the furniture except the decor, shelf and mirror was made by me.

Photo of design company which is unknown to me. I was inspired by these photographs so I created a picture on them. If you know the name of the design company, I would like to write in the description its name and send my letter of thanks.

Thanks for watching.

Dvoinenko Kirill, 3D Artist

I want increase my level in 3d max. Make beautiful pictures. Show room mood. Make the walls, modeling furniture.
Explore the marvelous designer, making the sofa, pillows and chandelier.
Make a realistic table made of old wood.
Work with Corona Light Mix.

I was inspired by photographs and created a picture on them.
Made from photo, unknown to me a design company. I was inspired by these photographs and created a picture on them.
I am trying to pick up suitable materials from my collection of textures.

People react ambiguously to this picture. For many people it is too darkness.

– Quite austere.
– I was terribly
– Granny in the topic!
– Great work !
– Instead granny Salvador Dali is necessary and the interior will be more fun =) And in general, very nice!)
– I became interested in chandelier.
– Like. Only the grandmother is not the topic. From it it became bad.

  • 3D artist: Dvoynenko Kyrylo

Posted by Kyrylo Dvoynenko

My name Kirill Dvoinenko, I`m 3D artist, and I`m loving 3D. I admire beautiful interior, arhichetecture and landscapes.

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