The office is situated in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The overall area is 62 sq. m.
We chose minimalistic style to accentuate the parametric wall which covers vertical area from the balcony’s windows to the radial wall.
The reception area is created in the same neutral style as the executive office.
An assistant has it’s own hidden kitchen area behind his desk within storage wall.
In the bathroom we created a Neverland area thanks to water resistant wallpapers with zoomed picture of wood section, which is placed to the radial wall. It has a striking effect – as if you were inside of the wood tree.

The plan for this project was to create comfortable yet unique working space for a top manager in Ukrainian bank.
It had to include lots of hidden storage but still stay minimalistic and clean.
We also had to think about the fact that a person who uses this space, spends more than 8 hours there. So every corner and detail had to be thought through.

The client wanted something unique, so our team thought out of the box and came out with this pattern for parametric wall.
We chose wood because it’s tactile, warm and well aging material. It never goes out of style.
For the shower room we used special edition of “wet” wallpaper.

The space definitely has it’s wow factor.
From this project we learnt that nothing is impossible. You just have to have a client who trusts in you and talented team to cover your back.
Though keep in mind that you always have to be sure in your subcontractors. We had to change quite a few before we found the right one.

  • Interior Designer: Kate Kuzmenko
  • Interior Designer: Elizabeth Gundych
  • Interior Designer: Olga Vodko
  • Architect: Kate Najbych
  • Photographer: Alexander Angelovskiy

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Designers of the Studio have graduated and worked in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and London. Office is situated in Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev but we work all over Ukraine and Europe.

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