3D living room and dining room decoration ideas. The main goal is to create harmony not only with the colors but also with shapes and materials. A good looking home decor has affect on your daily mood and turns a house into a home.

The Halloween home decor is a collaboration with Anna Natter. She made the pumpkin models and i put them into a nice environment.
The diner table is a piece of my own living room.
The triangle shelf was made for a weekly challenge in the Adobe Dimension Enthusiasts Facebook group.

I find inspiration in everyday life, it can be at the supermarket, at a restaurant or in a park, basically anywhere.
I love minimalism so i always try to keep my design nice and clean. I always apply the “the less is more” mentality.

I got positive feedbacks on the project altough there is always something new to learn, the most important things are hiding in the small details. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with new techniquies, materials and colors. You can find a lot of inspiration online as well.

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Posted by Krisztina Wagner

Visual designer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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