The painting of the office of the company “Waves Platform” by STFNV X FGA. The Waves Platform is a global public blockchain platform. The task of the design project is to reflect the company’s high-tech vector in the office mural.

Artist: Artem Stefanov
Location: Moscow, Russia

The Waves Platform is a global public blockchain platform, founded in 2016. The company’s mission is to reinvent the DNA of entrepreneurship around the world by providing a shared infrastructure, offering easy-to-use, highly functional tools to make blockchain available to every person or organisation that can benefit from it.

The name of the brand is played out in the interaction of the waves within main modules, taking advantages of all of the possibilities the existing space provides. Changing the perspective allows for transition from a flat form to linear.

This is a quite flexible system. By adjusting scale, volume and rotation angles, as well as filling density, light and setting of the entire surface within which the objects are located, you can get an infinite amount of graphic that will comply with the basic design principles.

  • Agency: FGA
  • Photographer: Polina Poludkina

Posted by Artem Stefanov

Artem Stefanov (STFNV) is an artist from Moscow, well-known as a muralist, graphic designer, and curator. The former member of ZUKCLUB art group, the participant of more than 30 street art festivals in Russia and all over the world. Since 2015 collaborator with ARMA17 group (night club and music label) on the regular basis. Specialises in large-scale murals with highlighted optical effects. The significant feature of his visual language is a mixture of forms and objects from the actual surroundings. Based on unique constructive patterns of industrial walls, the artist takes out digital aesthetics from it: glitch effects, morphing forms, and optical illusions. Nowadays, in art, post-digital aesthetics - the mainstream phenomenon which reflects current cultural processes.

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