Friends, I want to finally present you a project the completion of which we looked forward to. This is a bas-relief in the living room based on the paintings by Georgian artist Lado Gudiashvili “Green Nymphs” and now is in an excellent space.

Sculptor: Roman Tverdokhlebov
Architect/Designer: Alexander Shepel
Photo: Alexey Polskiy

The plan was to place favorite picture in the interior and at the same time supplement the living room space. This is an apartment for people who appreciate and love art, who are not afraid of bold and monumental decisions for the place where they live.

The idea is inspired by the picture of the Georgian artist Lado Gudiashvili “Green nymphs” and it had to be inscribed in the idea of the apartment design according to which color was chosen in order to preserve the integrity of the space. Since this is quite a monumental and concise solution for the living room, we chose a simple material that is the surface of the walls – plaster.

People like the decision to combine the interior with artistic work, so that it does not take away the attention from the general idea, creating a certain atmosphere. I believe that a residential interior can be an exhibition space with a certain amount of space, while maintaining home comfort.

  • Sculptor: Roman Tverdokhlebov
  • Interior Designer: Alexander Shepel

Posted by Roman Tverdokhlebov

Artist/Sculptor from Moscow SCULPTURE / CERAMIC / GRAPHIC Graduated from Moscow Academic Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow, Russia with specialization in sculpture. 2001-2005 Graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named by VI. Surikov, Master's degree in Sculpture by professor Pereyaslavets M.V. 2006-2012 Member of Moscow Union of Artists

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