Contemporary kitchen Design. Including an Island in the middle to feel free while cooking.
Also, has window seat to feel convenient and relaxed. It’s color palette and the mix between the wood and the blue color can change your mood in a very good way.
This Space reflects its design with all it’s details.
Finally, this kitchen design was challenge to me of how it can look classy and comfy either.

the plan for this project to make comfy and classy kitchen.
it was for newly married couple. they wanted an interior design for their whole apartment.
then the kitchen were there masterpiece as they loved it. they both love cooking so they wanted comfy kitchen to cook and eat also in it.

The style was chosen by the client then the colors and materials were inspired by me.
i made mood board and sketches with the design and mixing colors together to get the desired color palette.
also mixing the blue color with the wood make enrichment to the space.

there were very good responds. they loved it. i got very good comments.
I have learned how to use different materials and mixing them together. designing a space to make it look classy but not to forget that this space must be applicable.
the tips i could tell is to learn how to mix colors,materials and lighting these three elements are very important for designing any space.

  • Interior Designer: Haidy Hussein

Posted by Haidy Hussein

i am an interior designer.i graduated from architecture engineering. i am in love with how can interior design make the best possible use of any space.

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