My Design mixed between classic and modern.
Classical neo décor relies on classic Greek and Roman art and architecture by displaying columns, reliefs, gold, classic engravings, and luxurious furnishings.
It also gives a lot of comfortable feeling through light paints and warm lighting.
The style is marked by its elegance and timelessness. It is more modest compared to some of the more opulent aesthetics of the time. Nonetheless, there is an era-transcending luxury built into neoclassical.
This design was a challenge for me to show a mix between classic luxury and the simplicity of modernity.
I hope you like it.

The plan For this project show a mix between classic luxury and the simplicity of modernity.
It was for married couple.their goal make a good design for their apartment and see the design first so that they can finish their apartment through design and working drawings.
So they can live in it feel comfortable and happy.

The client liked modern and classic and did not know what to choose so I decided mixed between modern and classic by use neo classic style and visualize it by using simple matrial,colors and show the luxury of classic and simplicity of modernity.

There were very good comments, loved the design and the colors, and felt warm and comfortable.
I am learning something new in every project I work on and in this project i have learned how to use different style and mixing them together to visualize something comfortable for the eye and feel warm.

  • Interior Designer: Mohamed Mohamady

Posted by Mohamed Mohamady

Technical Office Engineer (Architect)

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