It is a small but cozy space, inspired by a simple but striking Scandinavian style, the small Tippi, is an area of games and privacy for childre, with a chest to store books, toys and others, the armchair is functional to tell stories or just sunbathe

just create a cute space for a child, it had no commercial purposes, the goal was, to understand that a space for a child can also be seen beautiful It is a very important space in our house, and that’s why it also has to have a good decoration

the inspiration comes from the Scandinavian style, but I also like to look at magazines to know what the trend is, sometimes the inspiration comes from nowhere, choose the materials depends on the space the location of the place and the person to whom it is addressed, on this occasion he was a child, so the materials are soft, striking and friendly

the people responded very well they liked the space and decorative style, some tips would be, as in the photograph a space should have composition, must have a range of color, a defined style everything must have its place.

the decoration of spaces is very important and it is very personal so before decorating a space for someone, you must know something about that person

  • Interior Designer: Roy Fredy
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Posted by Roy Fredy

I am a graphic designer of profession but 3d artist by conviction, I have about 6 years of experience in the field, and the theme of space design fascinates me.

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