Design project living room, combined with kitchen and hallway. Classic style time-tested. Light is the basis of the project, it creates a mood in the room depending on the weather. Laconism and simplicity intertwined with noble brilliance create a unique atmosphere of home comfort, where you want to come back again and again.

This living room designed for a family of three people, where the young man is engaged in ballroom dancing. The goal was to unite the space of the kitchen and the living room, partially dismantle the partition between the kitchen and the living room, add daylight and expand the space with mirrors.

Style, color and material was chosen by clients, and I needed only to inspire and create space. The room was decorated in neoclassicism with elements of conservatism, in various shades of “cocoa with milk”.
I was inspired by different sweets of nut and milk shades, more precisely condensed milk and chocolate.

Customers really liked the room with its beauty and at the same time the comfort and warmth. And for me it was a good experience of transformation of space and immersion in the style of the neoclassic. The main rule that I learned was that any space can be expanded with visual effects not taking physical changes.

Posted by Aziza Budaeva


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