The project is for a 200 square meter apartment, located in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Our client had somehow a concept of the design in his mind and we helped them to finalize that idea, ensuring a nice and beautiful result at the end. The main challenge with this project was to finalize the design as the client had to make his choice about some details. Overall the design came out really nice, the client liked it and we like it.

The plan was to follow the clients requirements as they had their requirements and we helped them to make the right decisions for the design. It was for a family of 4, their goal was to have a nice and practical apartment. the main challenge was to make sure nothing is wrong at the same the clients requirements are met.

The client was very specific about his choose of materials, so mainly they made the choices, we made sure nothing was wrong and went on with the design. The color is the choice of the client after and after several render proposals we got to the final result.

So far, there aren’t any critics for the design and choice of materials. However there were some critics for the render technique and the lighting but nothing special and we will improve our renders in the future. The main challenge was that the client had a change of mind during the design process and we had to somehow start from scratch and the process was time consuming as the renders took a lot of time.

  • Architect: Haidar Zangana

Posted by Haidar Zangana

Grand Design is an architectural office, based in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, we specialize mainly in residential projects. The office works on the project from early design concept up until the project is fully implemented. Our main goal is to serve our customers with the best design choice that is unique to each customer and make sure everything is implemented as in the proposed renders and drawings.

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