Quite simple living room which was inspired by a 1930’s picture I saw. I decided to go for warm brownish colors, cold ones didn’t look very well. I always try to add some art reference I like in my work, this time I put a painting by French Artist Emile Muner, which I think fits nicely into the scene. This was entirely made in 3ds Max. Rendered with the ART renderer

This was an entirely personal project. It had been a while since I made an interior scene so I wanted to create one in order to expand my portfolio. I also wanted to keep practicing lighting and texturing and this was the perfect project for it, I really liked how the lighting turned out.

The inspiration came from a picture of a 1930’s living room I saw. I really like vintage style, that’s what I regularly go for in my projects. Ever since I began to work on it I had warm colors in mind, which is what I ended up going for. I tried cold colors as well but it didn’t look good to me. The armchairs have a fabric texture and the sofa a leather texture.

Many people liked it. Actually thanks to this project I was approached by Interior Designio, this is the first time someone asks me to feature one of my projects on their website, so I was very honored. I made this project in just a few days, setting up the scene was quite fast, placing the furniture and creating it doesn’t take long, the hardest part for me is always the lighting, that’s what I spend the most time on, adjusting intensity, how far does the light reach and things like that in order to get the most realistic result possible, a bad lighting can ruin projects like this.

  • 3D artist: Carlos Perez Miquilarena

Posted by Carlos Perez

I'm a Venezuelan guy who has been doing 3D design for two years now. My focus so far has been interior design and character design, although I would like to expand my work to other areas.

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