Project creators: Igor Skarzheuski and Aliona Skarzheuskaya
Meat Me Pita Bar is a place where Eastern flavors reach their perfection in traditional pita dishes. It is a place where traditional culinary philosophy, drive and passion are served to you.

We were lucky enough to create an interior design of the second Moscow based Meat Me restaurant. We were impressed by the customers’ hardworking spirit, and caring attitude towards their business. The owners of the place had a clear understanding of what they wanted their new branch to look like. They managed to transmit their positive energy to us thus providing us with a concept of a new place unique character.

The concept has it that Meat Me pita bar protagonist is a crazy mustached Turk, a dreamer, and a rebel in a way. He left his hometown Istanbul when he was 17, and hit the road on his Vespa, leaving a part of his culinary culture everywhere he went. Having travelled all around Europe and having visited Israel, Greece, Turkey, Italy, and other countries, he dropped by Moscow and blessed Meat Me pita bar with divine recipes and the legendary scooter.

While developing the design of the dining space we tried our best to preserve the authenticity of the walls and the good old spirit of the building. We left the brick intact where possible, same goes for arched ceiling, we only gave it some black color. We used genuine materials such as wood and stabilized moss, longing for some brutality we introduced several metal and lath elements as well as concrete like plaster. We left ventilation stack and communications on display following loft order. We also used mirrors where necessary to widen the space visually. Walls and settings reflect the concept of the Meat Me chain.

It’s very important to pay attention not only to the main bigger spaces but to small ones, such as restrooms, too. Having a complete trust of customers on that matter we made a restroom with its own character similar to the main space.

  • Interior Designer: Igor Skarzheuski
  • Interior Designer: Aliona Skarzheuskaya

Posted by Igor Skarzheuski

Architect and interior designer from Minsk, Belarus.

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