The intention was to give the space a simple, elegant and cozy touch, with the use of wood, burnt cement and the granilite texture that gives a touch of color to the environment.

Project: apartment. Location: Recife / Pe – Brasil.

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The project brings a minimalist style, with a simple, elegant and cozy touch, also appropriating to the maximum natural and punctual artificial lighting. This space was designed for a young single woman, who wanted a different, practical and pleasant space.

The style and colors were chosen according to the client’s needs. The project brings a clear and bright environment, which creates a more relaxing atmosphere. The combination of wood elements and burnt cement made the environment more minimalist and cozy. While the granilite texture brought a touch of color to the project, it conveys a feeling of lightness to those who use the space.

With these combinations, the client was satisfied and happy, having her needs and expectations met. A differentiated space was delivered with well-punctuated and correct solutions. Designing this environment was an interesting and pleasurable challenge, as it is a minimalist style, which requires great care with every detail.

  • Architect: Alina Síria
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