Project of an apartment of 60m2. The project was implemented in a modern style, for a young family. The materials used in construction are used in the work. The color scheme is content with restrained, but has color accents. What gives the work vivacity and interest.

It was decided to change some of the walls, demolish, do the installation of new walls, to obtain the desired result, which was falsely conceived. This allowed me to get the result that I was given during the whole process.

All the selection was according to the designer’s idea, which eventually led to a good result. All the selection was based on the designer’s idea, which eventually led to a good result. Inspiration came from viewing other works. Materials try to select natural naturally. The color scheme has color accents, but only the key.

The reaction was positive, which undoubtedly pleased me.The project was of interest to the owners, at the planning stage and the very idea of the apartment. Special difficulties in the process of work did not arise, which is grateful to the owners of the apartment.

Posted by Nurik Karanavidani

CG artist

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