The land area of ​​the project 900 meters. It contains four large rooms and five bathrooms, reception and living room, dining room, large kitchen and a backyard and the side contains a swimming pool with bar and little green space. It is a combination of black and gray colors and natural wood. It is simple and comfortable for lovers of black color.

Utilizing the available space while maintaining the aesthetic form and reach the best results of the customer comfort.And to achieve the highest level of accuracy in detail, no matter how small, easy to move and reach everywhere in the villa easily and smoothly.And added some sun breakers to reduce the internal temperature and provide electricity as much as possible

My choice of raw materials on the basis of industrial character Some of the Internet searches of people were working on villas that take the same industrial character as old wood, cement blocks, black aluminum, scorit glass ,concret floor ,old black Water pipes

Many people loved the project and learned from a lot of design and distribution of plants and trying to understand the client correctly and reach the desired result for his comfort and satisfaction.I advise every designer to know the client’s wishes and try to reach them as much as possible

  • Architect: Samir salah

Posted by samir salah

I was born in Egypt and I am 29 years old. I have been working in interior design for 6 years. I love roaming, traveling, painting, driving motorcycles, creating new friendships and crafts.

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