The designer made the modern bedroom visualization in the interior in a contemporary style. In the photo-realistic pictures you can see that the room is designed according to trends of 2018-2019.

The main colors in the interior designer chose white and gray. To make the bedroom look modern, the designer decided to add a turquoise color. This color is present on the curtains and chair. It is the turquoise color that gives the modern bedroom visualization a contrast and style.

Also impossible not to pay attention to the chandelier of unusual shape. It perfectly matches the interior. A spot and wall lights illuminate the room well in the evening. And if you want to add some romanticism in your room, you can light candles and turn off the light.

The ceiling is not simple. In the middle of the room, above the bed, the ceiling is lowered by 20 cm. It is of gray color. Therefore, on the visualization of the bedroom, you can clearly see that the ceiling is of two colors.

Of course, in the bedroom should be a dressing table. In this room, the dressing table consists of a single piece of wood and a mirror to its full height. Wide linear illumination designer placed along the edges of the mirror.

Pictures, photo frames and fresh flowers also look very harmonious on the wall. Also the dark parquet makes the room modern.

Above all the bedroom has three doors. Certainly one entrance (gray), the other to the dressing room and the third to the bathroom.

You can also see the kitchen, living room, small bathroom, located in the same house on the first floor.

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