Super Mobile is a range of furniture designed for both child and adult visitors of La Minoterie creative centre.
Easily movable, it meets the various specific requirements of this multiactivity space: resting areas, creative workshops, shows, readings, meetings and debates.
Designed by A4 Designers, the entire line of furniture was manufactured on site in Dijon (France) by Eclectik Scéno.

All pieces of furniture had to be easily movable and to be fit for both kids and adults.
La Minoterie is a special multiactivity space: shows, workshops, trainings, rehearsals, creation, conferences, meetings, etc… Furniture are moved from one place to the other inside the La Minoterie several times a day.

The furniture style was inspired by the space. The graphic presentation of the space is very playful, coloured and plenty of geometric shapes. We have developed a range of colours in coherence and echoing this environment. We’ve used only local wood and applied an ecological treatment for the colours. All the manufacturing was carried out on site, in Dijon.

Super Mobile is very appreciated by all users (children, adults and artists). Dimensions are fit to different sizes of people and various activities. Pieces of furniture are regularly moved in various spaces of La Minoterie. Kids love the concept and told us this is like playing a game where you assemble/dissemble a big puzzle.

  • Interior Designer: A4 Designers

Posted by MERLE Delphine

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