Its a simple master bedroom design , i used wood cladding for bed head .. simple celling & Lights ..
This Design contains Small closet with small gym area with simple gold metal partition .. i tried to make it very simple and useful , Make it simple but significant ..

My plan was creating something simple,elegant,creative and useful ..
The Main goal was making the client satisfied with his needs in this small room so i should provide everything he want to make him happy to spend his time in this room .

It came from wood usage and wall cladding .. i wouldnt like to use huge or large ideas as its a small area ..
The colors is a mix between contemporary modern colors and woody colors which add some of warmness in this small room also items & accessories may added the sense of luxury .

They liked the warm lights and the simple style , The liked the closet room specially as it has its creative ideas ..
And personally i like the challenge to provide all client needs with simple ideas and items , we shall do our best to satisfy people and it was my main goal ..

  • Interior Designer: Maryan Ahmed Designs

Posted by Maryan Ahmed

Iam maryan ahmed architect & interior designer ,, iam in love with interior design & home styling .

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