This is a 3D interior visualization and it was done for one of my old clients. This is actually a new building construction with nice apartments made for young couples. My client already had a plan so architecture was not part of my doing. Only interior design.

This visualization is made for one of my old clients from Finland and the goal was to create an attractive and clean looking apartment for young married couples. Apartment consists of a living-room connected with kitchen and dinning-room, one small nursery, one large bedroom (this one), dressing-room and a bathroom.

Choosing a style was easy this time. As Finland is one of Scandinavian countries, guess whats the style. As client said “make all white that is logical to you, but don’t make it too sterile” I should make it happen. So this one was straight to the point. Scandinavian, de-cluttered, minimalistic, white type of space :).

So I made a selection of furniture I needed and started making new materials. Mainly white. White walls, white curtains, windows, doors, bed coverings and so on. I get my inspiration from various sources like Pinterest, Creative Market, furniture selling websites and also by fallowing people who are closely related to this line of work like artists, woodworkers, constructors, and others.

My customers are always happy with my work. With few revisions (usually personal preferences), we always come to the point where a customer leaves satisfied and that is very important. To get firmer confidence and get to that point where every customer leaves happy and comes back again, you have to explore a lot. Explore everything you can in your free time, make some projects on your own to test your new skills and theories, always look for new challenges, learn from the best and always come up with your own ideas.

  • Interior Designer: Zivaljevic Marko

Posted by Marko Zivaljevic

Hello, I'm an engineer, interior designer, CGI artist and founder of INVIZMO Team. I started my working career back in '99, as a chief of public works and construction. In the same time I was also working on architecture, planing, interior and exterior design. Over the years I have mastered my skills on design, architecture and CGI.

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