The neo-classical design suggests elegance through the simplicity of the design and its integration with the lighting and mixing it with a special mood that gives spirit to the place (the energy of the place) with the use of simplicity in colors that gives harmony in the general mood and linking it with the place’s furniture.

My plan for this project was to achieve psychological comfort for the client (Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra – Egypt) through the combination of colors with a small part of the classic bathtubs, and this was achieved through the lowest costs, because architecture is what inspired me to achieve this

It was nature that inspired my design in the colors, so I made a mod board for the project, and then the client was a major part of my analysis of the style I worked on, because the architect is the doctor that the client turns to when designing any place to live.

People’s responses were very pleasant with the design because it achieved simplicity and beauty through very simple tools, which gives an impression of comfort when seeing it. Therefore, I learned a lot from that that any design that smiles with simplicity and elegance is the one who draws its colors from real life (Mother Nature)

  • Architect: Architect Khalid Edris Studio
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Posted by Khalid Edris

Architecture is enough to delight the soul before the body, so I pay attention to all the details of architecture and mix it with some simple colors to give the impression I want for the place, so architecture is what inspires me to continue my life

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