” The new French Garden ” is a landscape project of a public place, a great way of bringing people together.
The project is based on the french garden fundamental elements, adding a personal concept square and rectangle shapes.
A place where people connect to nature : vegetation, waterbassin, benches to relax and also a square labyrinth that gives an effect to focus more on the space.

” The French Garden “, or ” Jardin à la Française ” (in French), was developed from the Italian Renaissance gardens. The style arrived in France in the 16th century, with the landscape architect André Le Nôtre, who designed the ” Château Vaux – le -Vicompte ” and ” The French Garden ” (garden of the Château) considered the first important.

My project is based on the fundamental elements of the ” French Garden ” like : symmetry and order, water bassin, hedges, plants, trees…, and adding my personal touch, a new design of it.

Creating a new French Garden, with a new vision and a contemporary concept in the purpose of bringing people together, relaxing, enjoying time in contact to the nature, a space opened to the public.
I designed a symmetric garden, representing square and rectangle shapes, right angles, combining small water bassins with vegetation, and also creating benches. Trees, flowers and hedges to create labyrinth passages.

It was a good experience to work on this project, creating a new concept garden is an important thing, to help people being more relaxed and breathing fresh air. Everyone need to take a break, escape from the daily stress,and it is also a way again to share with people, communicate. I learned that a good design of space will certainly give a smile to people and affect positively.

Posted by Ibtissam Rezki

I'm an interior architect, designing interiors and furniture. (conception - 2D - 3D) I like creating new moods of lighting, colors, furniture, materials...to positively influence, and good vibes.

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