On the Karelian granite rocks, where the steps are drowning in soft mosses, and the head is spinning from the fresh aroma of pines, the now-designed house is standing among the harsh and beautiful northern nature. The most difficult was to come up with it so that modern architecture seamlessly blends into the age-old landscape, preserving the pristine beauty and magic of this place.
The interior of the house came out a little eclectic, but this is due to the fact that the tenants of this house are very versatile people. They have a lot of hobbies, they “do not stand still” and we had to make the house “keep up with them” so that its space was ready for any transformations. As a result, the space turned out to be not just inhabited, but also alive, it is possible to have a fun party with a company of friends in the house, cook a barbecue and play a game, and relax with the whole family, enjoying the natural silence.

The idea of this project was to preserve and enhance the natural landscape. The house harmoniously blended into the surrounding space and became a logical continuation of the forest and granite rocks. customer wanted. so that the interior of this house was always relevant, and complementing it, he saw how the prosterness is complemented.

My insperation was all around materials in forest, stone bank, the love of clients for travel. Each piece of interior in this house was chosen carefully. I spent about a year on this project and another year on its implementation, but everything looks like a logical extension to each other

this project taught me patience and a deeper immersion in my work. Complex technical solutions, caused by granite rocks, had to be used practically on the spot, since it was impossible to take into account each ledge and unevenness. engineering systems were made according to the latest trends and the possibilities of suburban construction.

  • Architect: Alesya Nestyak
  • Interior Designer: Alesya Nestyak

Posted by Alesya Nestyak

i am proffesional interior designer. More than ten years i create houses and apartments, and create unique items for each of them. For me really important to create decor or furniture, because the details make unique atmosphere and mood. Now i start a new round of my art and work - product design. I graduate a st petersburg university oftechnology and design eight years ago, nominated numerousa lot of competitions In the summer i leave to study in nabu in specialty produxt designer. I really want to create with you

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