Through simple outlines, I was inspired by the nostalgia for old school desks and wooden abacus.
The most important though was to leave the possibility for users to organize their own space. The compartments made for this purpose, hang from the desk in order to give users freedom to move around while the work space stays uncluttered

Firstly, my research method for every project comes from focusing on the way the user will move in contact with the furniture, rather than only aesthetics. To me it’s not worthwhile redesigning a piece of furniture, here a desk, if the ways of using it haven’t changed somewhat.

The materials of the desk, wood and metal, are intended to be the same as traditional french school furniture which are robust and simple. Keeping the idea of the traditional materials was crucial in defining the look of the desk, while using a more contemporary color scheme. In the spot where the inkwell was traditionally placed, I made three slots to place USB keys, for instance.”

A favorable return with regard to this desk, the spirit of freedom of movement is very popular in general. I would like to integrate this element with each of my creations if it is possible.

Gino is the first office I’ve designed, my desire is to design another one. I am interested in all styles and I am looking for another way to use this furniture, the creations of Carlo Mollino inspires me at this time

Posted by Kevin Guiri Couderc

I’m an undergraduate student in art, design and science at ISCID (Institute of Color Image and Design in Montauban, France). I’m interested in interior design and furniture. In each project, I like to tell a story which can be either personal or universal. Before anything else, I like to think and design things that put the user first with their gestures, behavior and usage. A thoughtful concept counts more to me than the aesthetics. Contacts /

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