The project includes a small apartment. It consists of a glass hall, living room with kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. The apartment was designed using furniture characteristic of the Polish PRL era. In Poland, this style has become very fashionable over the years, more and more young people are choosing this form of design in the apartment.

The apartment was designed for a middle-aged woman. From the beginning, the goal was to use details characteristic of the Polish PRL era. This was not the most difficult task, because today we can find a lot of “old” things.

The style was chosen by the investor. Furniture and materials have been chosen that they reflect the style of the PRL of Poland as much as possible. The colors, however, bring a note of modernity to the apartment. Inspirations were mainly taken from pinterest and sites selling things of this type.

People received this project very positively, many people like it very much. As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the new trends in Poland. is a very helpful and inspiring site where we can buy furniture and other items in this style.

  • Interior Designer: Mateusz Nawrot

Posted by Mateusz Nawrot

Hi, my name is Matthew and I'm 23 years old. From an early age I dream'd of interior and furniture design. Today I'm a student of interior design in the last semester, and I work in the profession. Recently, I became very interested in 3D visualization, it is a challenge thanks to which I can get better every day. Currently, this is my specialization. Welcome on my profile :)

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