A residential interior project for a three-member family home. The client wanted primarily a modern and bright space for himself and his family. Every room has its own bad sides, but we were allowed complete freedom in creating a new space.

The basis of the goal was to get a functional space, in modern style after the renovation of the old space.
The client did not want too much detail and a cropped space, but a functional and aesthetically beautiful and elegant space.

For many of my works, I find inspiration in the projects from more experienced designers. I wanted the place to have tropical warmth and elegance at the same time. For the beginning, I chose white, orange and green, wood texture … And the design process continued on.

When you are at the beginning of a designer career, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. Throughout this project, I learned how to make better use of space and every time I learn to put myself in the client’s position and choose exactly what he would like.

  • Interior Designer: Kristina Vasovic

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