A few days ago we’ve finished a really interesting project in Belgorod. As a result of our work you can see a small and bright apartment with scandinavian motives. Hope you will enjoy it!
Area: 44 m²
Year: 2018
Location: Belgorod, Russian Federation

This bright interior was designed by us for a young family with a child who live in Belgorod in the south of Russia. The peculiarity of the planning solution lies in a very small kitchen, which has become a gateway area. Owners of the apartment have chosen this option, in view of the fact that this apartment will become a temporary residence, while they are building their own house. The living room also serves as a bedroom for parents, while a separate room with a balcony was given to the child.

A separate wish from the family was to create a bright and cool interior, except for the bathroom – it was seen in warm shades of travertine. So we desided to create an interior with scandinavian motives in bright gray, blue and white colors with wooden accents.

As a result, we designed a compact and cozy apartment that will please our own households in the coming years. Wishing them a good repair and remember – even a small apartment can be functional and convenient. And it will appear spacious due to the use of light shades.

  • Interior Designer: Alexandr Kuchin
  • Interior Designer: Anastasiya Marchenko

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Hi! My namу is Anastasiya and I'm an architect and interior designer from St.Petersburg, Russia. Hope you'll enjoy my posts!

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