This project is for a nice restaurant in Querétaro, México. The 3d rendering was really complicated because of the bricks, the bottles of the bar are different, the floors are unique and the bar area was an specific design. Hope you like it!

La Bocha a restaurant bar that is highly recommended in my city. We had only 1 week to make the design and the renders because my client had a trip of a month just after that time, and he needed to aprove the project.

The owners have a unique style and all the design was inspired in taking their ideas to make it look more classic and luxury with retro touches. The inspiration came from the old high class “cantinas” in my country. The bricks, the old style bar and the fllor make a really warm place.

Everybody liked it! I learned tough lessons of being more comprenhensive with some clients. Also, trying to design faster, and having to stop sleeping for almost two nights. But finally they loved it, and we are trying to win another project for them.

  • Interior Designer: CELE disseny

Posted by Raúl Cervantes Ledesma

Architect since 2009 and working in architecture, interior design and archietctural viz for more than 10 years. I love my work, and hope you like it.

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