This is a small house in Querétaro, the client asked us to redesign the first plan of the house with some nice warm feeling, but keeping in mind she is young and love modern styles. She was short on budget, but we did it! The change was impresive….

A 27 y.o. business woman that works half of the time in the house, she is very social and loves that everything looks really clean. She is a perfectionist, and every weekend her friends gather in the house to enjoy the beatiful view and a long talk with a cup of wine.The budget was not high, so we looked to change mainly the atmosphere of the house. (I am leaving the renderings / previous pictures of the house)

Colors was not complicated, she loves grey and I told her that with some touches of colour would be awsome. She was sceptical about grey ceilings, buyt whe she saw the rendering and after she trusted me she loved it. Inspiration came from the view outside the house, and a beautiful hotel in San Miguel de Allende which I love.

She was instantly in love, there were no changes at all on the renderings. Is that one of a kind projects in which you make instant connection with the client and you know you will do something with passion and reflect it on the project.

  • Interior Designer: CELE disseny

Posted by Raúl Cervantes Ledesma

Architect since 2009 and working in architecture, interior design and archietctural viz for more than 10 years. I love my work, and hope you like it.

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