South Africa is a colorful country with 11 official languages, 9 provinces, a coastline of over 2500km, mountains, deserts and wild animals. South Africa has a energetic vibe and many cultural offerings which gives people a unique experience from any other country. The Restaurant space was designed, keeping in mind the vibrant South African culture with a modern twist. Colors such as brown, gold and green was used as those colors relates to the land where there are soil and trees growing with a golden ray of sunshine. The gold and green is also used for the Rugby team called the springbokke in our beautiful country.

The project was one of my projects for my Interior Design Degree in 3rd year. We were required to design a fully realized dining experience in the heart of Braamfontein, Johannesburg. We ad to use an existing space and create a unique customer experience.

The design should be a space which allows for vibrant interaction; with the key concept which is modern African culture carried through the entire space.
The selected materials are interesting yet durable, suited to the purpose as restaurants/bars/coffee shops take a lot of wear and tear, and need to be sanitized.
My inspiration came from forests, Ndebele huts and the logo of 100 % Design South Africa (2016).

They responded with interest in a good way. I learned how to keep a concept flowing through an entire space with different sections but not using the same pattern over and over. Giving each space a distinctive feature which separates each space in terms of function but, still align with the concept.
A tip would be to do proper research and get good precedent studies to fully understand where you can improve your design.

  • Interior Designer: Amori Dipenaar

Posted by Amori Dippenaar

I'm a Honours student studying Interior Design at Greenside Design Center in Johannesburg. I also studied Draughting in Cape Town and did an Interior Online Diploma in 5 months. I enjoy interacting with other people but also do not mind working by myself. Innovative ideas are my soul food and through my qualifications and determination I would like to reach my end goals. My willingness to work long hours is a sign of my determination.

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