Colours were carefully chosen to blend into the tonality of natural timber and marble. A selection of muted blues, yellows and greens were chosen to mimic the allure of nature against the full height windows. Cabinetry are “mounted” instead of being affixed to allow the flexibility of re configuring.

The plan was to create a fun, bright and cheerful space for the newly-weds and their 1 year-old daughter. Level 1 was intentionally freed up for a cosier ambience apart from the island counter + dining table; with a secondary family area assigned on the second floor to maximise the space to fully grant their child room for play and interaction.

I wanted the space to be as close to nature as possible, therefore I chose to use natural timber with complementary hues of greens, blues and yellows to highlight nature’s colour palette. Plywood, laminate and solid surface were chosen as the final material for the entire penthouse for consistency.

The respond for this project was overwhelming, especially on social media platforms. The client was extremely happy with the results – the juxtaposition of the colors with the timber. Choosing the right plywood is essential as they have to match, therefore I would suggest any designer using plywood as a main material to select it personally.

  • Interior Designer: The Monocot Studio Pte Ltd

Posted by Teh Mikael

Residing in the tiny island Singapore and been designing at The Monocot Studio since 2010

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