Pintoh, named after the Lao version of a tiffin or lunch box, is a glimpse into the food culture of Lao and Island.

Located in the centre of Melbourne, one can find the elements of this pintoh all around; from the custom lighting, to the steel frames around the seating banquettes and colour palette, the interior embraces this simple item and puts the spotlight on it.

We were approached by our client to create a fresh and inviting design for their Thai / Laos fusion restaurant. Their ultimate goal was to appeal to both young people and families seeking dinner in the city. They also wanted to represent the food on offer but also appeal to the contemporary Melbourne aesthetic.

Much of our inspiration came from the name itself ‘Pintoh’. A pintoh is a traditional Laotian lunch box, also called a Tiffin. From there we went on an exploration of what the Tiffin box represents. The food culture of Laotian people is vibrant, textural and colourful and we hoped to represent this in the interior palette. A lot of the architectural motifs such as the banquette seating was inspired by the unique framework of the tiffin box. This was then overlaid with colours seen in traditional Laotian cooking. The patterning of the timber cladding was also an interpretation of the various geometric motifs which can be seen in the traditional garments of Laotian people.

The project has been very well received. We had quite a tight budget so carefully chose certain materials and finishes that would complement the interior but would not blow the funding. With the help of Ambience Lighting we were actually able to up-cycle old tiffin boxes and turn them into wall lights and pendant lights.

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Posted by Yaron Kanor

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