This project was design by us as one of four styles for the residential complex “New England”, Kiev, Ukraine. Together with beautiful facades our interiors create a special place, which is slightly away from the bustle of the modern world and where every resident feels in harmony with oneself. It’s a place where one is willing to create, fall in love, bring children up, just be happy. It’s a center of culture and peace, safety and security.
“New England” is a residential complex of a closed type with its own complete infrastructure. It has unique architectural concept. Refined composition, warm facade colors, classical decorative elements and monumental entrance groups create the atmosphere of a cozy English town, located in one of the most comfortable capital city districts.
High-quality internal filling, spacious and comfortable layout add a residential complex high status and provide additional comfort for the residents.

This design was created for the people who live in the residential complex “New England”, Kiev, Ukraine. Along with the other three styles (Classic, Modern and Loft) this particular one was design to improve daily life of the people by adding functionalism and simplification to all the interior elements.

We tried to humanize spaces by use of natural materials and democratize it by use of innovated technics to make object in series at reasonable prices. Also we were inspired by strong relationship with nature that is visible in the mixture of abstractions and natural shapes in our interiors.

People liked it. We’v got very positive response from the customers. Most of them are young people who would like to come back home and find some quiet natural escape from the bright chaos of modern life in megapolis. Most of all people liked bedrooms and bathroom.

  • Interior Designer: Oksana Fedoruk

Posted by Petro Fedoruk

Wertikal Constructions, the Bureau of Architecture and Design, for the last 15 years has been creating spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and latest materials Our team possesses architectural knowledge, project management and creative design skills Being Sustainable designers and constructors, we use strategies to improve energy and water efficiencies and indoor air quality, and use environmentally preferable products

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