Scandinavian Style (or Nordic style) is best known for three features: simple in design, exquisite in feel and comfort while using. With a perfect blend 3 characteristics, lots of Scandinavian furniture design as well as the preferred host.

Scandinavian is not only the name of a place, which is a part or the whole Nordic region. However, despite all the controversy about the geography, the style of the house is still favored Scandinavian style to the luxury standards, but full size courteous level of design genres waters.

Nordic style favored waters colors white, earthy and rustic natural materials, fur and leather. Climate characteristics forming the identification mark of style. However in the modern environment, with the help of the equipment such as glass doors, fireplaces, heaters, air conditioning, artificial materials … then this style has been transformed to a modern and more appropriate habitat, adaptations both in the city and the apartment.

Like many styles of interior design other Scandinavian style not express a view, it is a style has been developed over many years. There are many ideas and influences to create a Scandinavian style. From the traditional and rustic – where textile items inspired folk to contemporary Scandinavian furniture – can be described as a minimalist style, suitable for all the family.

The crisp patterns with delicate colors: The gray, white and earth tones are subtle paint colors most popular in the Scandinavian-style house. These colors are subtly blended with the dark color of the pattern. They not only highlight the color tone of the pattern, but also make your home becomes extremely luxurious.

Simple balance between functionality and aesthetics are at the core of Scandinavian design style. Management of interior design and Ikea Communications Craig Ritchie said: “Scandinavian Style including 3 major components – functional, simple and beautiful. Although simple in design, but the lines are often combined with discreet luxury and warmth, have made a very homely feeling. “Interior design apartments we introduced here are typical of the style of Scandinavian decor. The entire apartment space exudes gentle beauty, sophistication, creating comfort and closeness to its owner.

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