This work is my thesis project and i made it for my Bachelor degree on Interior design & Architecture. The idea was the shape of sails that create from the wind. I inspired of that to make those curved pieces of wood. Also you can see on floor plan,that the shapes of leven are smooth curves exactly like my idea. The interior design is completely different from others in Athens,and i did that for clients,to feel that they are in other place,in other city,in other country. To let the people to dreaming inside from interior design.

The plan for this project was to give it ‘life’ because right now is abandoned and is pitty to wasted all this view of sea. The building going to be open whole the day to give to clients more options and choices.

The inspiration was from the shapes of sails. The smooth curve idea came from sails shape and i did all those shapes from wood. I chose wood to make a difference compared with other similar bar-restaurant. This style is not usual for Greece and i wanted from style to let them to dreaming other places.

When i did the presentation for my project,the committee said that is something new and interesting for our place.
I learned a lot of thinks. To work faster,to highlights the view,to combine materials,the necessary dimensions between tables,lamps from table,between bar and barman etc.
What about tips? work work work

  • Interior Designer: Georgios Tataridis

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My name is Georgios Tataridis,I live in Netherland and i'm an interior designer. I hold a bachelor of Interior Architecture & Decoration,Institute of Athens. Feel free to contact me..

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