There is a design project of the one-bedroom apartment with so many required functions and so little space. For their first own family house the young couple wanted minimalistic scandinavian design, light and warm, with unic details, which would made them feel this space individual.

This interior project was created for a young couple. The main wishes of clients – to fit in a small room a sitting area, a full double bed and a kitchen with a large work surface. Preferences were accorded to natural materials and simple colours.

The concept is based on the desire to breathe air and light into the future interior. That would perfectly suit active lifestyle of the young family. The bedroom zone represents a separate box and decorated in simple grey and pastel colors, filling warm and cozy atmosphere, while the kitchen and living-room area are decorated in bright contrasting combinations of colors, textures, and fresh color accents. All this gives the interior a modern minimalistic look.

Clients participated actively in choosing some special interior details, such as neon light, which was their dream for a very long time. They loved very much the design of their first own family house, so they can’t wait for the realization of the project.

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  1. Hii!
    I absolutely love the neon sign. How did you make this??
    I would love to know. If you could get back to me it’d make my day!!


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