After summer comes autumn, then winter and spring blooms. Loop.

SEASONS is two things: the four periods turned into linked interiors, and a tribute to industrial and furniture designers from different ages.

Since the series is a conceptual 3D artwork, every detail, model and material has been done from scratch paying special atention to designers blueprints. The whole exploration interpretes lighting, palettes and mood from the different times of the year.

It was born as an in-house studio project. In the spare time between comercial projects we always explore something that spark us curiosity. We like loops (and we’ve exploring them in many different ways) so we detected something cyclic and captivating under the concept of seasons.

Colors and materials selection came literally from nature and weather. The project consisted of translating palettes, lighting and features from the different times of the year.
At the same time, if we talk about shapes and forms, we love minimalistic furniture and mid-XX century modernism plus the way some objects synthesize ideas and purposes.

The feedback is being amazing, people loved the way we’ve turned something that abstract into figurative shapes and places.
We’ve definitely learned a lot! We’re an Art Direction boutique focused on 3D illustration so almost everything related to interior design and decoration was new and inspiring.

  • Interior Designer: molistudio

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