Design project of a contemporary residential house with two storeys in Belarus.
The house was designed for a couple and their young daughter. They wanted to have a light and cozy home. This is a story how we were working on this project.

The family of three: a couple and their daughter wanted to have a nice contemporary interior in their newly built house. They lived in an apartment earlier, so they wanted to have a new spacious house with lots of light. At the same time the house must have been cozy and comfortable. Therefore, our goal was to create open-spaced first floor for gathering and quite private attic floor.

Because the clients have a wooden house, we decided to save true natural appearance of wooden logs, meanwhile maintaining the modern and fresh looks. Almost all the walls were covered in white light paint so they still looked natural. The decision was made to add some colors in walls finishing on the second floor for emphasis. Though some walls remained just in white color. This way we preserved our concept to purposefully separate two floors while saving emotional feeling of unity of style in the whole house.
Bedroom for the parents was partly painted with blue colors, while the room for young girl was decorated with soft-purple and blue colors.
Since the priority of such design was to keep space open and bright, the floor was also made with light colors. On the first floor the underfloor heating was installed, so we decided to use nice Italian ceramic tile with simple floral pattern and then supported this design with such interior features as pillows and textile.
The attic floor was finished by using parquet boards, complementing the floor surface with beautiful modern rugs with different patterns.

The clients were happy to achive all goals in this project. When client’s friends came to visit the house for the first time they said that house is very spacious, bright and cozy. These are exactly such emotions and feelings that we wanted to get.
The most important thing in every project for me is to be on the same page with my clients. I’m glad to receive such a positive feedback and happy to have an opportunity to move forward and work on other projects.

  • Interior Designer: Veronika Lemeshava

Posted by Veronika Lemeshava

Hello everyone! My name is Veronika and I'm interior and graphic designer with 5 years’ experience. I've studied Architecture at colledge for 4 years and Visual Design at University for 5 years, so every design I make is a mixture of practicality and originality. My passion is to make ideas and goals come reality. Therefore my task is to create spaces that are actually good at performing their functions while making a lasting impression. Feel free to contact any time!

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