“Shinny Room” it as was Designed To be not only a living room But also as relaxation room in part of lake house or ” vacation house” when you let all your work behind . “Shinny Room” Contain from a Three Part 1. “Couch and armchair” 2. “eating table” 3. “kitchen” and I Used Cool Color To Give a Relaxation atmosphere .

The plan was to design a Relaxation area with Cool atmosphere , Good Natural Light and have everything Family needs in One Space . It was designed for a family vacation for couples . Their goal was to have family space for relaxation and family gathering.

My style is contemporary modern , I’m used a Cool Colors All over the Space in Couch and armchair also wall paint and I also Used Metal and Marble in Eating Table To give Some Luxury in the Space , and I relied on natural lighting to add beauty to the Room

People Loves this Space Because it’s have a specular light and Cool Color and also have combaine everything family needs together and the Color Of Space gives you the feel of relaxation and makes you stay calm and recharge your power to be continue in your live

  • Interior Designer: Fady Derias
  • Architect: Fady Derias

Posted by Fady Derias

Hello, my name is Fady, I'm a Architect and 3d Visualizer from Egypt,I live in Alexandria and Graduated From King Mariout Academy . I've Won in Local Architecture Competition With Some Colleagues With Darb El Labana Revitalization competition Award , I've Worked as Site Engineer For 5 Month as Freelancer and Softwares I Work with are 3ds max, Vray, Autocad, Lumion, Revit and photoshop , I've also Some Expertise in Web Developing and I'm On Of Founders Of One Of Computer Hardware Review Websites in Egypt (Hardware Field) .

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