Today, of course, the neo-classical style has become a pioneer in interior design for its simplicity and quietness
So I tried to use this design in a dining room to look like an elegant panel with a very simple beauty
I used the beige color with artistic touches with the carpet and blue board to complete the picture in the design

This design was for an elegant, quiet and simple family
Their goal was a simple new classic design in calm and not dark colors to suit the nature of the quiet environment in which they live. It was clear that we were interested in the customer’s views and directions to design a suitable place for him.

The colors were the customer’s favorites by adding my own touches to them
The model used was a turning point for the wonderful beauty of the design is a combination of modern and classic in a sophisticated and simple at the same time

Today, of course, the neo- classic design has become a pioneer in design, adding to the beauty of design today,
This interior was a kind of experiment, customers could not imagine what exactly they would see in their future apartment, and we can not convey their delight when we realized that we had hit the mark!
The customer’s pleasure served as a crown of success for this design
In fact ( less is more )

  • Interior Designer: huda sobhi

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I'm Huda Sobhi El-Safi My specialty - an interior design engineer, more than 4 years working in the field of interior design With great pleasure I undertake to design both residential houses and public spaces

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